It is our belief that each client should prepare a Will despite their age or financial status.  We will ensure that it provides peace of mind by keeping the tax liability to a minimum and most importantly that your dependants are provided for in accordance with your wishes which will then protect your family and/or business assets.

Making a Will

The preparation of your Will does not need to be expensive and it can be very simple depending upon your wishes.  Wills can be prepared either for an individual or on joint instructions.

The benefits of making a Will include:

  • Ensuring your loved ones are protected after your death;
  • Choosing who should care for your children;
  • Specify who will deal with your financial and personal affairs after your death;
  • Avoiding your assets going to people you had not intended to benefit;
  • Minimise the payment of Inheritance Tax due on your death where possible and
  • Easing the administration of your affairs.

Downloading or buying a Will writing “kit” will not guarantee that you complete the forms in the right way or that the wishes you write will be understood and carried out as you intended.  There are many companies improperly preparing a binding, effective Will and it is prudent to arrange for an experienced professional to assist you.

You should review your Will every 3 to 4 years to ensure that it still meets with your wishes and you should note that Wills are revoked in their entirety by marriage and, in divorce, your ex spouse is simply treated as predeceasing you and all other provisions remain.

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