It can be a difficult time when you lose someone you love and this can be compounded when you are left to deal with their affairs.

We are here to offer help and support on any practical or legal issue that may present itself.

We can advise on all aspects of probate and the administration of estates including Executors’ responsibilities, tax implications and inheritance and can help you administer the estate of someone who has died intestate.

In order to get authority to do this they usually need to obtain a legal document from the Probate Registry called a Grant of Representation.

There are three types of Grant of Representation:-

  • Probate issued to one or more executors named in the deceased’s Will.
  • Letters of Administration (with Will) – issued when there is a Will but either no executor is named or capable of applying for the Grant
  • Letters of Administration – issued when the deceased has not made a Will or Will has been made but it is invalid

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